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Dear Friends,
I received the following message today from Radio Maria.   Fr. Duane Stenzel, O.F.M. and I belong
to the same Franciscan Order, and he was responsible for initiating the program on the Divine Will
which we broadcast on Saturdays.    It is a sad day for us, and, as Frank Hare says, a  joyful day for
him.   Please do keep him in your prayers and also Radio Maria as they will be seeking a new director.
I would also invite you to pray with us and for us priests who will be gathering at Gethsemane, Kentucky
for an annual retreat on the Divine Will teachings.    God willing, there will be 18 of us gathering from
January 24 to 28 to pray, study, and discuss together this "Hidden Treasure" which God has revealed
to us.    Be assured of our prayers and remembrance at Holy Mass for all of you-- our extended
Divine Will family.
May God bless and keep you always in His Holy Will,
Fr. Robert Young, O.F.M.
Eternal Rest Grant unto him, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon him.
May his soul and all the souls of our faithful departed, through the mercy of God,
rest in peace.   Amen.

Subject: Fr. Duane Passed Away This Morning

stenzel.jpgThis truly is a day of sorrow and rejoicing for the Radio Maria family. Our program/spiritual director of the last 9 years passed away peacefully in his sleep.
Fr. Duane joined the Franciscan order in 1945, was ordained a priest in 1954 and had an amazing and far-reaching ministry. Fr. Duane has touched lives in the classroom, on the road, in conferences all over the US and all around the world through the waves of Radio Maria.
It is very painful to experience the loss of so great and holy a priest and member of this family. He was such a source of comfort, peace and wisdom for all of the Radio Maria familiy that his loss will be deeply felt for years to come.
However, in this time of pain we take comfort knowing that this holy man’s earthly suffering has now ended and even now he is experiencing the biatific vision of God the Father. We now have a another holy intercessor in heaven to pray for us and the continued growth of Radio Maria.
Thank you for your continued support of Radio Maria and please join us in prayer for the repose of the soul of Fr. Duane and for his intercession for the ourselves and for Radio Maria.
Frank Hare
Radio Maria Inc
601 Washington St / Alexndria, LA 71301
V: 888-408-0201 / F: 318-449-9954

31 December 2010


Dear Friends in the Will of God,


Greetings and peace in the Eternal Fiat!    As we come to the end of another year and celebrate the

new one dawning,  so much around us and within us reveals the great  sense of expectation that God

is indeed doing something new in our day.   


             “This expectation is a certain sign that the hour is near; but the most certain sign is

               that I am going about manifesting what I want to do and that I am revealing Myself

               to a soul, as I revealed Myself to My Mamma in descending from Heaven to earth.  

               I am communicating to her My Will and the goods and effects that It contains to make

               of It a gift to all humanity.”  (Vol. 15; July 14, 1923). 


The Advent/Christmas Season commemorates this Gift to all humanity which is “ever ancient and ever

new.”   It is certainly Jesus Himself-- the Son of God who becomes One With Us by becoming One Of

Us.   It is the Word Made Flesh, in whom dwells all the “Fullness of Divinity”.   And “Ours is a share

in this Fullness” St. Paul says.   This past year we have all grown closer to possessing this “Fullness”

as we have come to know and love ever more the Kingdom of the Divine Will being restored in our own souls and on the earth.


There are many other signs as well-- many of them alarming and disheartening if they are not viewed

in this over-arching plan of God, and the glorious Design of the Father in restoring the Reign of His

Will on earth as in Heaven.    These signs-- no matter how frightful they may be-- are not the end of

the story, but only one of the means God is using and will continue to use to bring about His eternal

and mysterious Plan of Salvation and Sanctification.   They are not the focus of our faithful attentiveness to His Divine Manner of operation, although we cannot ignore the way they can serve

to awaken and call many lost children to their Father's House.    


Our hearts and eyes are fixed rather on this Fullness of Divinity which becomes Man in the womb

of the Virgin Mother of God.    It is the One Eternal Will of the Most Holy Trinity Reigning in that

same Humanity of Jesus and Mary (by nature and by grace respectively) which is our only lasting

Gift in this world and in eternity.   


Jesus said to Luisa:


                “Daughter of My Supreme Will, one who wants EVERYTHING must enclose

                  EVERYTHING  and place herself at the top of the acts of all-- as prime act.

                  So, the soul must be at the top of every love, every adoration, and every act

                  of glory of every creature.    MY WILL IS EVERYTHING!   This is why

                  the mission of the SOVEREIGN QUEEN and yours can be called ONE.”

                  Vol. 19;  April 16, 1926).


What a calling!    To share this Mission of Jesus restoring the Reign of His Father's Will to earth

together with His Holy Mother is the greatest mission given to anyone on earth.   But let us not forget

Whose Mission it is that we share.    It is not our own Mission, just as it is not our own Kingdom.

We can be absolutely certain that when we do seek to appropriate it for ourselves that we have not

learned much at all about this Kingdom or how to live in it.   Wherever there is discord and disobedience you can be sure the human will is reigning there.    And this we know only too well is the

source of all these terrifying signs we are witnessing in our own day  and even in our own lives. 


May Mary the Mother of God whom we commemorate this New Year's Day be our great Advocate

and Exemplar of how to live in this Kingdom of Her Son.    She is Mother and Queen of All for only

one singular reason:   She never did Her own human will apart from the Divine Will.   May she plead

for us all, her children in exile, whom she has chosen and prepared with so much love to live with

Her in the Kingdom of God's Will here on earth and forever with Her in Heaven.

I am remembering you and yours in all my Christmas Masses and prayers-- with one fervent

intention-- that you come to know, love and possess every more fully that Kingdom for which you

were created and in which you have already begun to reign.



Blessings for a most Happy, Healthy, Holy 2011 in the Reign of God's Will!


Fr. Robert Young, O.F.M.

Dear Friends in the Divine Will,
On this glorious day, I want to extend my heart-felt wishes to all for a most
happy and holy Feast of the Assumption of Our Lady into heaven.
Jesus Himself explains why it is such a glorious day for all of creation in Vol.
18:  August 15, 1925:
"The very angels, enraptured, repeated among themselves:  'From whence
comes so much glory, so much honor,  greatness, and prodigies never seen
before-- in this Creature who surpasses all?.......Astonished, they recognized
the Will of their Creator as Operating Life in her;   and trembling, they said:
'Holy, Holy, Holy-- honor and glory to the Will of Our Sovereign Lord.   And
glory, three times holy-- to the One who let this Supreme Will operate in her.'"
This year our celebration of the Feast of the Divine Will is filled with a special
joy as we give thanks for the positive response of the Vatican-appointed
theologians to the writings of Luisa Piccarreta.   We can rejoice with the angels
in heaven today, and as we do at every Eucharist for the "New and Divine Holiness"
which filled the soul of Mary, Queen of  heaven and earth.   And now this same
gift of Divine Holiness God wishes to impart to us through the knowledge of what
we already posess as His sons and daughters-- our inheritance among the angels
and saints, which we begin to possess even here on earth.
It has been an eventful year with the historic pilgrimage of 36 priests and our
retreat in Corato, with Archbishop Giovan Battista Picchieri presiding.    It was
a taste of heaven for us, and certainly a cause of rejoicing in heaven.   We want
to thank all of you whose prayers and generosity made it possible.   And very special
thanks to Fr. Carlos Massieu and Marianella Perez whose "blood, sweat, and tears"
were behind it all.
May this day be filled with graces in abundance for each one of  you and your
loved ones.    Let us continue to ask our Blessed Lady to help us grow in the
trust and confidence that believes "the promises of the Lord will be fulfilled."
You are all remembered in my Masses and prayers this day and every day as
we continue our jouney together in the Kingdom of the Divine Will.
God bless and keep you all in the Heaven of His Will!
Fr.  Robert Young, O.F.M.
August 15, 2010

Dear friends in the Divine Will,
If you have not yet heard the wonderful news today:
This means that both of the official censors librorum for the
cause of Luisa have found nothing contrary to the faith in her
writings, and her cause can now go forward.   This is perhaps
the single most important factor in the process.
We also hope and pray it will hasten the day when her life and
writings may be shared more completely with the world.  
Please join me and all of our Divine Will family throughout the
world as we rejoice and give thanks to God for this most happy
news for the Kingdom of the Divine Will.  
Blessings and happy day to all!
Fr. Robert Young, O.F.M.
July 23, 2010

Dear Friends in the Will of God,

Greetings to all of you in the Divine Will!   I hope and pray summer finds you all well and
enjoying some time to be renewed.   I want to thank you all for your prayers and good wishes
for all of us priests who gathered in Rome and continued on to Corato for a retreat "In the Light
of the Divine Will."   We were 36 priests from 16 countries.   The Archbishop of Luisa's Diocese
presided over the retreat, and there were several presenters, all in Italian.   One highlight was
a meeting with all the clergy of the Diocese at a celebration with the Prefect of the Congregation
for the Causes of the Saints, Bishop Angelo Amato.  He was amazed to see so many of us
there to honor and study the writings of Luisa.   We hope it will help her cause.   More to come
on that important topic.

We also visited other holy places along the way and be assured you were all remembered in
our prayers each day.   We celebrated two historic moments in the life of the Church:  The
largest gathering of priests at one time-- 15,000 in St. Peter's Square!   The second historic
moment was to have the first gathering of priests in Corato to have a retreat on the writings
and life of Luisa Piccarretta with a special emphasis on the role of the priests in her life
and their relationship with the writings of Luisa.

Countless blessings and graces for all of us and for all souls during these historic days.
You continue to be in my Masses and prayer intentions as my missionary journey continues.
I count on yours in the Divine Will.  

I'm hoping to see many of you in October at the Tampa conference sponsored by the Center
for the Divine Will.

Blessings and peace in the Will of God!   Fiat Semper!

Fr. Robert Young O.F.M.
June 20, 2010

Dear Friends,
                   As we prepare for the great national holiday of Thanksgiving,
I wish to thank all of you for your faithful and attentive support and assistance
in our efforts to make known the Reign of the Divine Will.
                   When speaking of the Kingdom of the Divine Will which God is
making known through Luisa Piccarreta, Jesus tells her that if only the Church
understood the great value and meaning of this gift:
                   "......They would say:  'Let us hasten to make His Divine Will known;
let us let It reign, that we may give a people to Christ the King, whom we have
honored with such a title.   Otherwise, we have honored Him with words, but not
with deeds.'"    (Oct. 28, 1928)
                   We who have come to know, love, and hopefully possess this great
gift of the Reign of God's Will have been given this mission.    It is easy to honor
Him with our words, may we also honor Him with our deeds.
                    In the following passage from Nov. 4, 1928, Jesus imparts a most
beautiful blessing to Luisa after saying to her, as I believe, He says to us: 
"My daughter [child], what great treasure has been entrusted to you with so many
truths that I have revealed to  you about My Divine Will-- a treasure that has Its
source in the Divine Womb and that will give perpetual light, without ever diminishing."
And so I pray this blessing upon each one of you, and through you, upon your families
and upon all souls as Jesus prayed it over Luisa after first giving her the benedicition
of the Most Holy Eucharist.   Luisa writes:
"After this, Benediction was given to me with the Most Holy Sacrament, and I prayed
to Him from the heart to bless me.   And Jesus, moving in my interior, echoing what
He was doing in the Sacrament, raised His blessed right hand in the act of blessing
me and said:
                    'My child, I bless your heart, and I seal My Divine Will in it, so that
     your heart, united with My Divine Will, may palpitate in all hearts, so that you
     may call all hearts to love It.  I bless your thoughts, and I seal my Divine Will
     in them, that you may call all intellects to know It.   I bless your mouth, so
     that My Divine Will may flow in your voice, and  you may call all human voices
     to speak about My Fiat.   I bless all of you, My Child, so that everything may
     call My Divine Volition to reign in you, and you may run to all in order to make
     It known.' "
A most happy and holy Thanksgiving to all in the Divine Will!
Fr. Robert Young, O.F.M.
November 25, 2009

Dear friends in the Divine Will,
Greetings and peace in the Will of God from beautiful Denmark.   We are concluding today our final
series of introductions in parishes in the three largest cities of Denmark.   The response has been
very wonderful, especially because we see the Divine Will bringing together Christians from various
denominations to pray and learn together how to live in the Divine Will.   Eternal thanks for all your
prayers and sacrifices for this blessed mission.
From here on to Belgium by way of Germany.   Please continue to keep all of us in your prayers
and give thanks with us for the way God is opening the door for many more souls to enter the
Kingdom of His Will.    My grateful prayers and remembrance for all of you at Holy Mass yesterday
on the feast of the birth of the Queen of the Divine Will, and the 120th anniversary of Luisa's entry
into the Kingdom of the Divine Will (Sept. 8, 1889).  
Blessings and peace to all of you,
Fr. Robert Young, O.F.M.

1 Sept. 2009

Dear Friends,

Greetings and peace in the Will of God!   As I depart today for a month of Divine Will retreats and conferences in Europe,

I want to assure you of my prayers and remembrance at Holy Mass all along the way. 

I ask for your prayers as well for all those who will be attending our events in Denmark and Belgium.

I look forward to seeing many of you at our annual retreat in Alabama this November, 

and others, even sooner.    May the Divine Will bless, protect, and possess all of you

ever more as we surrender more of ourselves to God’s reign in our souls and in the world.


Blessings in the Eternal Fiat,

Fr. Robert Young, O.F.M.

1 Sept. 2009


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