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Dear friends in the Divine Will,

Easter greetings and blessings in the Will of God!   All of the feasts of the Church take on a deeper meaning as we grow in our knowledge and possession of the gift of the Divine Will.   And perhaps Easter is the most meaningful of all, because living in the Divine Will is all about the death and resurrection of Jesus-- we die to our human will and the Divine Will rises to new life and new glory in us.   Alleluia.

As we have shared in the sufferings of Christ, so too do we share in the joy and peace of His Risen Life.   Through Lent we have all been reading and meditating on the inspired words of Luisa Piccarreta in The Hours of the Passion.   We have prayed them with a special intention this year to bring unity to all of us who share this Gift of God and especially for the clergy in their efforts to make it known and loved among souls.   We thank you for your sacrifices and faithful attentiveness to this mystery of faith.  Only in heaven will we know what graces it has brought to earth for all times. And we hope that you will continue to read one hour a day in our ongoing "clocks" as a means of hastening the coming of the Kingdom of God's Will to reign on earth as in heaven.

Today, on Holy Saturday, as we meditated on the Lord's hidden  in the tomb, with the stone rolled across it, I am reminded of Luisa's words in the 2PM Hour where she says, "O Jesus, enclose me in your Heart and close the doors for me so that I may see nothing but you.  I promise You that every time I am tempted to leave your  Sacred Heart, I will immediately cry out, 'Jesus and Mary, I give you my heart and my soul."   The wounded heart of the Crucified and Risen Lord is the Sacred Temple where the Divine Will reigns in His Humanity, and so to remain in His Heart is also to remain in the Will of God.   In a sense, it becomes our tabernacle and our tomb, for there we died with Him so that we might rise with Him as well.

Today, after our broadcast, Nelson Darnell shared a reflection on the burial of  Jesus which I found very beautiful:   If we think of the stone rolled across the tomb as our human will which separates us from Jesus and from remaining with Him, then it is only by the power of God Himself that the stone can be rolled away and our lives remain in communion with His.   We must rely on the power of God's Will to free us from the recalcitrance of our human will that is, all the ways we allow our human will to separate us from God's Will.   The hardness of heart, the self-interest, and the passions that are the fruit of our human, will must give way to the power of God's Will as it gradually gains possession of our whole being.   The stone of our human will is not destroyed or annihilated in the process.   It is moved aside, displaced, to open the way for the Divine Will to have Its way-- to reign in all its glory.  But it is always there and always operating in one way or another-- either to hinder our union with God or to open the way for this union to be accomplished.

Finally, I conclude with the words of Our Risen Lord Jesus to Luisa, recorded in Volume 12 in the Book of Heaven  on April 15, 1919:

             Now if my resurrection symbolizes the saints living in My Volition--and with good reason-- it is because every act, every word, every step, etc. done in My Volition is a Divine Resurrection that the soul receives; it is an imprint of glory that she undergoes; it is a coming out of herself to enter into Divinity, and hiding herself in the refulgent Sun of My Will, she loves, works, and  thinks. Why marvel if the soul remains completely resurrected and fused in the same Sun of my glory and symbolizes my resurrected Humanity?
           But few are those who dispose themselves to this, because even in sanctity souls want some good of their own.   On the contrary, the Sanctity of living in my Volition has nothing of one's own-- but all is of God....therefore there will not be many.  You are not from the number of the many, but rather from the few.   Thus, always be attentive to My call and your continuous flight in My Will."

May the peace of the Risen Lord be with you always and may all of your acts be unending suns rising to glory in the light of God's Holy Will.

My prayers and blessings to all for a most blessed Easter Season,

Fr. Robert Young, O.F.M.
 April 12, 2009

Dear Friends,
Greetings of peace in this holy Season of Lent, and best wishes as we commemorate today the passing of Luisa to eternal life:  March 4, 1947.   We hope and pray that in the near future this will also be her "feast day".

We wish to express our thanks to the Most Holy Trinity, to our blessed Mother, Queen of the Divine Will, and to Luisa, the little daughter of the Divine Will, for the great gift which we have been so privileged to receive-- the greatest gift of all, the "miracle of miracles" and the fulfillment of the purpose of all creation. 

We wish to remember also today the passing of another "little daughter of the Divine Will",Aurora Pasqual, who died on Ash Wednesday and who was a member of our Divine Will family.    Her joyful and loving presence will be sorely missed, and we pray with great confidence that she now sees with all the holy ones what God has prepared for those who love Him and who live in His Will.   May she find rest and perfect contentment in the Paradise of God's Will.

My prayers and best wishes to all of you on this memorable day.   May the Divine Will reign in each of us more and more, and may we discover with Luisa the "path of suns" which God has prepared for us to travel when we breathe our last.   God bless and keep us all in the heaven of His most Holy Will!

Fr. Robert Young, O.F.M.

Dear Friends,

Greetings and peace in the Will of God.

    I am writing to share the good news of our 2nd priests’ retreat which was held at the Shrine of the Most Blessed Sacrament in Hanceville, Alabama, Jan. 26-30.   There were 15 priests, one Monsignor, one Bishop and one Deacon present.   It is difficult to express the joy that we experienced being  together for no other reason than to pray and talk about the great gift of the Divine Will.    Fr. Carlos Massieu-Avila, Fr. John Brown, and Fr. Pedro Rubio led us in our sharings which went on for several hours each day.   Once we were in a session for 3 hours without realizing how long it had been.  

     We also had two sessions with the Poor Clare Nuns, led by Mother Mary Catherine, the Vicar of the community who has been reading Luisa for many years.   These discussions lasted over an hour each and were once again filled with great joy and unity as we were able to share how God is calling us to live fully every moment in His Holy Will.

    Last year we decided at the end of our retreat to pray together over the following year (2008), about how we could be more united in our efforts to live and to share the gift of the Divine Will.   As a result of that prayer, we have decided to unite in a very simple way this coming year by praying together the Hours of the Passion in a living clock.  Since we were not enough to make up 24 hours we asked the Poor Clare Nuns to join us, so we were able to begin a living clock of the “Hours” on February 1st this year.   

    We also decided to ask all of you—those who are joined with us in prayer, study and living in the Divine Will, to also take on the commitment to pray one of the “Hours” each day for an indefinite time.    Many of us have done this during Lent, but now we want to continue it all year round.   So, we are inviting all of you who receive this message to begin with us this year on Ash Wednesday to form many “living clocks of the Hours of the Passion”.

    To do this, you simply need to sign up to begin by praying one of the Hours on Ash Wednesday, then proceeding to the next hour the following day, so that all of the Hours are covered each day.    If you do not have access to one of our groups, or to one in  your own area and wish to join one of our “clocks”, please e-mail us at this address, and an hour will be assigned to you to begin on Ash Wednesday.   We encourage those of you who are in other areas to form a living clock or clocks of your own.

    It is not necessary to do the particular “Hour” at the time it refers to.  It may be done at any time of day or night.    If you are not able to pray the hour assigned to you one day, go on to the next hour the following day so that the clock is not broken.   Then, when you are able to, you can make up the hour that was missed.   Even if you are not able to pray the entire hour, do the best you can, and make an effort to give thanks for all that Jesus suffered in that “Hour” and offer your acts that day in union with His as your way of commemorating that particular hour. 

    We are very grateful to Fr. Pedro Rubio for the inspiration for this way of uniting us in prayer and for the practical helps he has given us.    Fr. Pedro is also in the process of building a new website which will be devoted only to the Hours of the Passion and which will be a resource for information about the “Hours”,  and a resource for keeping us united and focused in this endeavor.   We will let you know when the web-site is completed and available.   It will be in English, Spanish, and Italian.

    We will be praying these “Hours” with the particular intention of being united in our efforts to hasten the coming of the Kingdom of God’s Will on earth and in our own souls.   It is also our intention to make reparation for all the conflict and division among us, among Christians, and all peoples. 

     Luisa writes in the “Reflection” for the 10 PM hour:

                  In other words, am I another Humanity for Jesus?  What did

              The Humanity of Jesus do?   It glorified His Father, It expiated,

              and It implored the salvation of souls.   In all that I do, do I bind

              these three intentions of Jesus together so as to say, “I enclose

              within myself the entire Humanity of Jesus Christ?”

    We hope that you will join us in this effort to pray the Hours of the Passion as one voice all over the world, united in the Will of  God, to the glory of the Father, in reparation for sins of all mankind, and to implore the salvation of souls.   And may we be for Jesus “another Humanity” through which He may accomplish the Will of the Father here on earth as in Heaven.   A most blessed and  holy Season of Lent to all of you in the Will of God.  

Yours in the Eternal Fiat,

Fr. Robert Young, O.F.M.