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             In solemn wonder Jacob cried out:  “How awesome is this shrine!

             This is none other than the house of God; and this is the gate of heaven.”  

                        Genesis 28: 17  (NSRV)


These words were spoken by Jacob after he woke from a dream in which he saw a ladder that reached from earth to heaven with angels ascending and descending upon it.  Within the dream, the Lord stood beside him and made a promise to Jacob that He would give him the land on which he was lying and that He would always be with him.  It was the vision of  a new  relationship forged between heaven and earth-- God and His people.

It foreshadows beautifully the coming of Christ, the “new mediator between heaven and earth” who refers to these words in the prediction of His own ascension into heaven.  In John’s Gospel Jesus calls Himself “The Gate of the Sheepfold”, for He is the “Way” by which the sheep enter the heavenly fold.


Just as Christ is the "Gate of Heaven" leading us to everlasting life, so too, His Blessed Mother has been honored with the same title for centuries.  In the Litany of Loretto, we find this title attributed to her.  In the Votive Masses of  the Blessed Virgin Mary, there is a Mass honoring the Mother of Jesus as the “Gate of Heaven”.  The Entrance antiphon to this Mass proclaims:


      Maiden-Mother, bearing the Word of God, you are the gate of paradise;

      in bringing God into the world you have unlocked for us the gate of heaven.


As the Virgin Mother of Christ, “The Gate”, she shares with Him the title, because she is the one through whom Christ came to us, and through whom, as image and model of the Church, we are reconciled with Him.  She is the grace-filled reflection of the Divine light of her Son.  By honoring her with this title, we cannot fail to honor her Son.


This Web-Site is dedicated to Our Lady, under the Latin title, Porta Coeli, with the hope and desire that as we honor her as the one through whom Jesus, the Son of God, came to us from heaven, we might also find our gateway into The Heavenly Kingdom of her Son.

And so we invite you to open your mind and your heart to these most beautiful lessons about a new “ladder”, a new “Bethel” and a new “Gateway” between heaven and earth which God is offering the world today, not merely as a dream, but as a promise and a gift for those who have “eyes to see and ears to hear.”