Q & A

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Divine Will Program broadcast Saturdays on Radio Maria.

QUESTION:  If you desire this gift of the living in the Divine Will, make the prevenient act by surrendering your will each morning, call the Divine Will into your acts but don't feel that Divine action, are you living in the Divine Will?

ANSWER:  If you have the desire to live in the Divine Will, are in a state of grace, making prevenient and current acts as continuously and as lovingly as you can, then Jesus says you are living in the Divine Will.   However, we must add that it does not happen completely at once, but is a process of growing in knowledge, desire, love, and willingness to sacrifice the human will so that God's Will can reign in us.   The Reign of God comes gradually into our lives, like the sun coming gradually to fill the sky with light.  He uses the image of a vessel of water;  the more it is emptied of any other content, the more it is able to hold the gift of the Divine Will.  Our disposition is necessary to empty the glass and keep it empty!   That is the work of our lives, and Jesus calls it "the martyrdom of the human will".

QUESTION:  Do you have to experience the Father's Will working in you to truly be in the Divine Will?

ANSWER:  Jesus does speak about the fruits of this life, such as peace, more faithfulness, more charity and patience, but that does not mean that we necessarily "feel" anything special.   Peace can be very gentle and subtle, but may also be deep in our souls, if there is agitation or trouble on the surface.   So, the bottom line is that we do not count on any feelings to live in the Divine Will.   There may be some rewards involved, some gifts that God gives us to encourage us, but they are generally few and more at the beginning of our life in the Divine Will.   This is a fact that is true of all the spiritual life as well.  Everything depends on the individual soul and how God chooses to work in that soul.   Most of us will not have the experiences of Luisa or great mystics, but we will live our lives as best we can, in very
ordinary ways, surrendering, fusing our human will with the Divine Will, so that God can have His way in us and act as He pleases.   That is how our Blessed Mother lived.

QUESTION:  I was told that to live in the Divine Will, I need to volunteer in my parish if there is a need.  I volunteered to teach, be a lector and Eucharistic Minister.  My main focus wants to be living in the Divine Will.

ANSWER:   Volunteering in your parish can be a good thing to do, but it is not a requirement for living the gift of the Divine Will.   Living in the Divine Will is not about doing different things but doing things differently.    While I cannot say whether or not you should continue to do volunteer work, I can say that there is no reason why you MUST do such work in order to live in the Divine Will.   So, you discern for yourself if the Lord is calling you to volunteer then, if so, do it in the Divine Will.